Mike and John Blenkinsop are a father and son duo taking on the world! Who will win? The father? Or the son? Not only racing against each other, racing against the world! They are currently building two 5.80s in Noosa, Australia.

John cannot wait to take on the world. He has salt in his veins. ‘Bring it on’ as he says.

At the age of 20 he had the opportunity to study for the RYA Yachtmaster. The year after he entered into the world ARC, where he had a serious accident in the Tasman sea. Splitting open his kidney he was told he had 48 hours to live with a near death experience.

After 6 months of healing, John was back on the water pursuing his dream. Working on super yachts to being a professional detailer. 

The 5.80 challenge appeals because he can bring all of his knowledge to build a boat and race with a competitive edge. His motto will be, “Catch me if you can!”.

These aren’t boats; they’re extensions of our hearts, built with our own hands full time over 3 years. We poured everything into making them seaworthy, ready to dance with the fiercest waves. We are both in this race to win.

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