2024/25 Programme

All dates, times and ports are preliminary for initial planning purposes only – yet to be confirmed.

Key Dates

The official start date in Lagos will be Saturday, December 28, 2024 at 1400 hrs local time and the last start date will be 3RD January 2025 at 1400 hrs.

The official re-start date in Lanzarote will be Saturday, January 11, 2025 at 1400 hrs local time and the last restart date will be Saturday, January 18, 2025 at 1400 hrs local time.

Requirements before you enter

  • Skippers must be minimum 18 years old or have parent’s consent.
  • Must have purchased a set of Globe 5.80 plans and show at least 500 miles of ocean sailing experience on any boat before submitting an Application for an Invitation to Compete.

Requirements before race start

  • Minimum 1,500 miles ocean sailing (any yacht) and a solo, non-stop 500 mile voyage in the entered Globe 5.80 under windvane, survival training and medical examination.
  • Participants self-regulate safety inspections and assist organisers with final inspections.
  • $2mil third party entrant insurance.
  • Liability forms, compulsory briefings. 

Race Entry Fee: €1200

Official Schedule (Underwritten by McIntyre Adventure)

Race Course

Lanzarote to Antigua, approx. 3,000 miles.