Jacob describes himself as “born to sail, but forced to work!” Sailing has been a part of his life for as long as he can remember, likely starting long before he had his first tooth. His dreams have always been filled with the image of waves on the far seas.

Growing up by the large waters of Zalew Szczeciński and near Poland’s second biggest lake, Dąbie, Jacob experienced early adventures, storms, and solitary escapades while sailing small craft made by his father and a friend. His aspirations led him to marine college with the hope of securing a job at sea. However, the harsh realities of the early 1990s and the political and economic situation in a post-communist country thwarted his dreams. Without the right connections, a career in the marine industry was unattainable, and he had to pursue a landsman’s career instead.

Currently, Jacob owns a 26’ Westerly Centaur and actively sails along the South and West coast of Ireland. He also occasionally delivers yachts for others around Ireland, Scotland, and Spain. Despite these activities, his soul’s desire remains unfulfilled. Having raised two children and built a home, he now aims to “run a marathon”- his version being to circumnavigate the globe single-handed.

For quite some time, Jacob has been interested in the Golden Globe Race, seeing it as the epitome of true sailing for mature and tough sailors. Although he doubted he could ever afford a suitable boat or match the level of this challenge, his perspective changed when he read about the Mini Globe Race. Learning that Janusz Maderski, a professional yacht designer and esteemed sailor from his homeland, was the appointed designer for the 5.80 boat made him realise he had no more excuses. This race is exactly what he has been waiting for over the past 50 years.

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