Little Bea

Dan Turk, hailing from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, discovered his love for sailing at the age of 24 on Lake Superior – the largest freshwater lake in the world. Starting with Wednesday night keelboat races hosted by the Thunder Bay Yacht Club, he honed his skills alongside seasoned sailors from the community. Dan’s passion for sailing extended to offshore races around the lake, where he embraced the challenge of long-distance voyages. Finding joy in solo sailing with his own sailboat, it sparked a keen interest in solo, long distance voyages and races on the open ocean.

A craftsman seeking new challenges, he started down the path of constructing his own Globe 5.80, in the confines of his garage. To test the mettle of both him and his handcrafted vessel, Dan sailed around Lake Superior, preparing for the ultimate challenge – a 3,618 nautical-mile voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Portimao, Portugal concluding in August 2023. Dan’s boat, named Little Bea, is now sitting patiently at what will be the start line for the Globe 5.80 Transat.

Dan’s thirst for adventure and challenge will continue as he sets his sights on the inaugural Mini Globe Race, where he stands as the sole Canadian representative, vying for a coveted spot on the podium by sailing his hand-built sailboat 23,500 nautical miles around the world with 11 stopover ports.

Beyond the thrill of the race, Dan has a deeper purpose. In 2021, he founded Sailing into S.T.E.M., a not-for-profit corporation. This innovative venture seeks to engage underrepresented and at-risk youth in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) subjects. Utilising the proven business model, Dan will connect with youth at the 11 race stopover ports, inspiring the next generation through the lens of sailing and exploration. Dan Turk’s journey is not just a personal odyssey but a voyage of inspiration and education, blending his love for sailing with a commitment to empowering the minds of tomorrow.

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